Summer break

As you're reading these words I am far away (well, hopefully). 
I am in Sweden (yeahhhhhhhh, hello freshness, tall people, salmon, Abba, Ikea & co...).
And, i really hope you have holidays too. 
This is the last post till mi -august, i need a "pause-blog" too.
... Happy summer to all of you...



She's gone away for holidays.

and you don't even imagine how much I am... doing nothing.



End of "the year". I am so tired. 
My blood pressure is... low...
Need holiday, need a break. Need to leave !

And fortunatly, I leave in one week for Sweeden. The most unprepared and unexpected trip I've ever made...
2 weeks (and 3 days) from Goteborg to Stockholm. We might rent a car and we don't know where we are going. I am travelling with my old "buddy" C. (funny to say that for a girl !).
Any tips or recommendations are welcome.
I love the unknown. I need that... I need new places, new faces. I need the unexpected.
The best way to find yourself... at least... myself !-)

(on the first pic it's B, click on her letter.).


A little cafe in Paris.

You can notice the difference between the shoes. The parisian's one and the ones of the girl from the south !-)

... (in real life I hate this stupid comparison)...

Edit: because everybody is asking,  this absolutely cute cafe is:
Merce and the Muse

Everybody: GO !
Great design & decoration, good food, magazines, good coffee, photography exhibition and english speaking !
I felt in Amsterdam while i was there...


I lost my way today.

You cannot trust your own emotions... sometimes.


Just the beginning....

The feminity project is on is way... secretly... 
Mon projet sur la féminité fait son chemin... secrètement pour le moment...


Au boulot !

Mon boulot et mon collègue de travail. En mode pause café... Je crois qu'il y a pire...
My job & my co-worker... Here on a coffee pause... Could be worse i guess...


July (already).

Today is the legendary meeting of the month (remember ?)