These two were beautiful.

I don't regret my 20 at all.
I feel so much better now...


I'll be there soooooooon...

Hello... La semaine prochaine je serai à Berlin, pour 10 jours... Vacances... Cafés... Farniente... (parce que là c'est malsain la quantité de boulot que j'ai). 
Et surtout papotage with very old friend qui habite là-bas. New friend de là-bas et peut-être future friend installée là-bas... Programme riche en perspective. 
Bref, si vous êtes là-bas...

Sinon, ce mouvement me "donne espoir".

Hey, next week and for 10 days, I'll be in Berlin. Yes, holidays, nothing to do... (because right now I am working so much, it's almost cruel...). 
And most of all, meeting with a very old friend living there, a new friend from there and maybe a future friend too. Great program in perpective so. 
So if you are in Berlin...

Otherwise this mouvement is giving me hope.


We are the same.

We all have something in common.
We all have the same broken heart.

(don't worry, everything is fine, it's just a thought that goes well with the photo)...



J'attendais d'être prête mais je ne le serai jamais. Alors voici mon portfolio:
Bon voyage !-)

I was waiting to be ready but I will never be. 
So, here my portfolio:
Hope you will enjoy !


La mer, mon calme.

Ces photos datent de dimanche dernier. Le 3 octobre. Même si à Marseille, nous sommes privilégiés côté météo, l'été en octobre, c'est quand même incroyable...

These are from last sunday. October 3th. Marseille is very sunny, but summer in october is surprising anyway.


Be ready.

Just a quick note to tell you I have no time to blog...
It is summer here and on sunday evening I was in the sea.
... It was heaven. My little preoccupations went away as soon as i was in the water.
So, I like october...