Les travaux & l'extase.

Sometimes you just have to stop right in the middle of the road. 
The light was so amazing we became crazy... The cars behind us were waiting quietly. Swedish are not french (or they were just afraid of two girls running everywhere and shooting like crazy).


The Ingrid Bergman trip.

Let me introduce you Fjällbacka (try to pronounce it) where Ingrid used to go... (too many tourists but so charming)...


As simple as quiet.

Bohuslän, Sweden.
The part of the trip I've liked the most.



Hej hej...
Few more pics of Goteborg. A red version...
I was in holidays again (well, it's over now) and had no more internet at home...
So... now I am back... and reconnected to the world... but the heat here is so... so hot, that I am not really able to think about what I am doing...


Goteborg- Sweden.

This is a little part of Goteborg, an industrial city near the sea (but not only)... I love this mix... 



... Hey ! I am back...
This little hand before showing you some pics from (great) Sweden.